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Glass House Real Estate is a full service brokerage in the RGV. Home of the premium 4% listing package and completely free buyer services! Call or contact us today at 956-878-9434!

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Tonys Takes December 9 2018

Right now the biggest threat to the real estate industry is NOT decreasing commission business models. It is a combination of two things working as things sometimes do without planning. These two

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Tonys Take 2 December 2nd 2018

I have been reflecting recently on a closing that just occurred where the seller I represented was able to exit the situation with maybe $400 to spare. We had managed to squeak the closing by and

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Tonys Takes Number 1 November 29th 2018

Tony's Takes is a recurring blog where I can roll up my sleeves and share and explain real estate concepts or ideas. Its by no means supposed to be academic. Think of it as a Livejournal.Right now I

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Preparing Your Home To Sell

Often I find myself discussing with a potential home seller about repairs or renovations that should be done to a home prior to it being listed. While one could write a whole book on this subject, I

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