Selling Your Home During The Holidays

Dated: 11/13/2018

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While the market does experience in downturn during the winter months, sellers should not be discouraged about listing during this time for several reasons. Even as the downturn can be attributed to reasons such as focus on family over downpayments, and just a slower pace to life, there is always a silver lining. The current silver lining is the ever steady increase of people moving to the RGV. As government presence increases in the region, expect more qualified tenants and buyers YEAR ROUND. People relocating are sometimes not accustomed to the area's lower cost of living and will be quick to buy larger, quality properties. 

A second benefit to listing during the winter time is that you are benefitting by acting against common belief (even though incorrect) that you should not list. This makes your listing look all the more better in a less crowded field, and can help command a good price.

The last benefit is the strategic benefit you will get by listing earlier towards the end so you and your REALTORĀ® have time to work out the perfect marketing strategy. Sometimes adjustments have to be made, and treating Winter as a "warm up" can help you fine tune your listing while still having it available for purchase.

-- Tony Villeda, Owner / REALTORĀ® 

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